Solution properties and sweetness response of selected bulk and intense sweeteners.

标题Solution properties and sweetness response of selected bulk and intense sweeteners.
文章类型Journal Article
作者Parke, S. A., & Birch G. G.
期刊Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
发表日期1999 Apr
关键词Aspartame, Cyclamates, Maltose, saccharin, Sucrose, Sugar Alcohols, Sweetening Agents, Taste, Thiazines, 甜味剂

Two bulk sweeteners (sucrose and maltitol) and four intense sweeteners (acesulfame K, aspartame, sodium cyclamate, and sodium saccharin) are used in this study. Densities and sound velocity values of the sweeteners in solution are measured at 20 degrees C, and their apparent molar and specific volumes, their isentropic apparent molar and specific compressibilities, as well as their compressibility hydration numbers are calculated and reported. The introduction of solute molecules in water results in a volume change of the solvent as a result of attractive forces exerted by the solute molecules; such forces are in the form of electrostrictive or hydrogen-bonding forces, or charge-dipole attraction. Changes of molar volumes with increasing concentration give an indication of the extent of solute-solute interaction, whereas isentropic compressibilities give a direct measurement of the state of hydration of the solute molecules. The compressibility hydration numbers reported give an indication of the number of water molecules disturbed by the presence of each solute molecule in solution. Isentropic compressibilities seem to be a more sensitive parameter for distinguishing the bulk sweeteners from the artificial sweeteners. The sweetness response of the sweeteners is then explained in terms of their solution behaviors.

Alternate JournalJ. Agric. Food Chem.